The importance of the issue of illegal immigration

Certified Educator So are you asking why it is important to talk about this issue? I think that it is important to talk about it for a lot of reasons. People with different opinions about illegal immigration will have different thoughts about why it is important to talk about. If you think the immigration is bad, it is important to talk about it because it is having a bad effect on our country.

The importance of the issue of illegal immigration

Immigration is the most important issue for Americans - Washington Times

It is a history built by outsiders who pushed their way in: By my grandparents and probably by yours. Let's find a way to honor our history and traditions by continuing the practices that built that history and tradition.

The senators were able to reach a deal by incorporating the Democrats' insistence on a single comprehensive bill that would not deny eventual citizenship to illegal immigrants, with Republican demands that strong border and interior enforcement had to be clearly in place before Congress could consider legal status for illegal immigrants.

However, if immigration reform finally happens it is long overdue and extraordinarily important. Although some people like to pretend they came over on the Mayflower, very few of us are far removed from immigrant roots.

A half century ago John F. Kennedy could call America "a nation of immigrants," and publish a book with that title: We remain a nation of immigrants today. Even if many of us did not have the courage or vision to uproot and move to America, many of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents made that difficult journey.

The importance of the issue of illegal immigration

Our diversity is what makes America unique and is a source of our fundamental strength and long term prospects. Even before there was a global economy and the technology to support global communication, shipping and rapid travel, America was the world's gathering place.

America did not collect the world's wealthy and elite, it attracted those rejected, oppressed, enslaved and even jailed. But those with the courage to come freely or the strength to survive the harsh treatment of slavery and the equally harsh treatment of Native Americans are the people who built this nation.

The people trying to slam the door closed behind them are nearly all the descendants of relatively recent immigrants.

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As the world gets smaller and economic competition is based more and more on creativity and technological innovation, the place that attracts the world's best minds will have a distinct advantage.

We are that place. If you walk the streets of Tokyo or Beijing, it is not difficult to distinguish native from tourist. If you walk the streets of New York or the malls of Los Angeles, good luck in trying to figure out who is home and who is not.

America may not be a melting pot, since each immigrant group tries to retain an element of their identity, but in its own often imperfect way, it is a place that is built to encourage, accept, tolerate and even absorb diversity.

The importance of the issue of illegal immigration

A place with roots everywhere has a tremendous edge in a global economy. We can do business anywhere, and host workers from anyplace. We are also a place that allows individual freedom and creativity.

Even if economies are growing faster in other places, freedom and tolerance of diversity will remain a key part of America's appeal. America has long been a place with a large foreign-born population. Inwhen our population was about 76 million, about 10 million or A decade later, our population was about 92 million and While in our foreign-born population slipped to less than 5 percent, that trend was soon reversed.

In as our population approached million, nearly 20 million or almost 8 percent were foreign-born. In our most recent census inthere were , people living here, almost 40 million or Over 17 million were naturalized citizens and over 22 million were non-citizens.Jan 28,  · The Importance of Immigration The American way of life was created by those not born to it.

It is a history built by outsiders who pushed their way in: By my grandparents and probably by yours. Apr 02,  · Immigration is so critical and natural to humans. We have explored earth for thousands of years in the quest for better life.

Early humans moved to places that are abundant with natural resources like food, water and temperate weathers.

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The Most Popular Immigration Issues of See where voters are polling on the most popular Immigration issues of I think the most obvious importance of this issue is the fact that the current system of immigration and border security in the United States is broken.

Illegal Immigration and legitimate immigration are not a convenient “scrape goats”, to dismiss the issue off hand, as something silly is very ignorant and myopic. And yes my whole family has immigrant ties including my wife and parents. Why immigration reform is so important November 19, November 20, / US Immigration / By Immigrants play a big role in the economy of the United States, helping to harvest food and care for children as well as to staff research labs and design electronics.

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