Solar airplanes

For more than 90 years, Solar Turbines has been a global leader in energy solutions and advanced manufacturing. This was marked the beginning of a decades-long journey to becoming the world leader in industrial gas turbines and turbomachinery packages.

Solar airplanes

Solar Impulse 2 completes historic round-the-world trip Solar Impulse 2 has completed the first round-the-world flight by a solar-powered aeroplane, after touching down in Abu Dhabi early on Tuesday. The final leg Solar airplanes the feat, aimed at showcasing the potential of renewable energy, was a bumpy one, with turbulence driven by hot desert air leaving the solo pilot, Bertrand Piccard, fighting with the controls.

The plane, which has a wingspan wider than a Boeing and carries more than 17, solar cells on its wings, began the circumnavigation in Solar airplanes in Abu Dhabi. It has since crossed both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans using no fossil fuel and has spent more than 23 days in the air.

Speaking to the Guardian from the cockpit shortly before landing, Piccard said he was feeling emotional as he neared the end of the journey: So we have flown 40,km, but now it is up to other people to take it further.

It is up to every person in a house to take it further, every head of state, every mayor in a city, every entrepreneur or CEO of a company.

The pilot also climbed to 29, feet during the day and glided down to 5, feet at night, to conserve power.

Solar airplanes

The plane flies at about 30mph, although it can go faster if the sun is bright. The plane could fly almost perpetually but the pilots cannot, due to the gruelling conditions aboard. Borschberg flew the longest leg, 4, miles over the Pacific from Japan to Hawaiismashing the record for the longest uninterrupted journey in aviation history.

When I initiated the project, I had no aeroplane licence so I had to work for it over six years.

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I did hundreds of hours to be allowed to fly a prototype aeroplane. Piccard made the first non-stop balloon flight around the world inwhile Borschberg, a former Swiss Air Force fighter pilot, has had brushes with death involving an avalanche and a helicopter crash.

Solar airplanes

Bertrand said the final leg from Cairo to Abu Dhabi was particularly tough, because of having to fly at high altitude to avoid the worst of the turbulence. I will give to each of them a big hug, because they made my dream possible.

This is a historic day for Captain Piccard and the Solar Impulse team, but it is also a historic day for humanity. The Solar Impulse team is helping to pilot us to that future.

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Crosswinds in China caused weeks of delays in and overheating batteries during the Pacific crossing forced it to spend the winter inside a Hawaiian hangar."Solar Impulse 2" descends to land in Muscat on March 9, Two pilots attempting the first flight around the world in a solar-powered plane began the maiden leg of their voyage.

Klaus Schultze is a co-founder of h-aero a veteran of flying he is an invaluable asset for the development of our venture.

After a career as a jet pilot and squadron commander in the German Air Force he founded and ran his own business charter airline.

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Share your voice The sun is constantly sending out megatons of charged particles that could crash the world's electrical grid.
CNET Magazine Design[ edit ] All electric aircraft to date have been powered by electric motors driving thrust-generating propellers or lift-generating rotors.

So, let me get this straight. Even calculated with the most pessimistic interpretation, Spain’s solar project shows a positive ROI. And you say this is “disasterous”?!?

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