Sad occasion essay

It marks the advent of spring season. In its bluff and bluster. A is a typically Punjabi festivity.

Sad occasion essay

The question is from a song famously performed and co-written by Eric Clapton, the guitar maestro, for whom love could, apparently, be a sad affair in life as well as in art. Even rock stars get the blues.

Even rock stars suffer in love. It afflicts us all.

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Why is the erotic life so often full of grief, sorrow, or at least radical disappointment when it is supposed to be — and of course on occasion actually is — a world of joy?

Is it in our stars? Is it in ourselves? Is it a societal flaw? Might we, by creating a better culture, make erotic life a sphere of enduring joy?

We know, or think we know, that love promises ongoing bliss, yet it so often ends in sorrow. But many people are erotic idealists — they seek joy in love. They are people — dare one say — whose erotic lives have become their spiritual lives.

They are Romantics, and Romance is their highest good. Why does love fail them so often? One of the first people to tackle the question, years before Clapton ever set eyes on Layla or anyone else, was Aristophanes.

Two people lived together as one body.

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They were all and everything in themselves. They were complete, though they were also, to be sure, rather grotesque. They had eight limbs spider-like and were fused in the middle.

They must have cartwheeled from place to place. But they were merry, so merry that they made the gods jealous. The gods split these rolling unities apart, and made them into two people.

From then on, people have roamed the world, looking for the missing part of themselves, the half that had been sundered on that sorry day. The soul mate, Aristophanes believed perhaps with some ironyis the person who makes us complete.

Without him, without her, we are only partial beings.

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We are all mind and no heart, all analysis and no imagination, all work and no play — the list goes on. But when we merge these qualities, we become whole and free. We work and play at once, making our avocation our vocation, as Frost puts it.

We think and feel at the same time, conquering what Eliot called the dissociation of sensibility. We play with full and productive seriousness, as Schiller said that we might when we made ourselves one.

We labor and know the fruits of our labors as being our own and not the property — in fact or in conception — of another Marx, indirectly.

Essay on the Saddest Day of My Life that I am unable to forget

Love without that true other half is not possible, and must by necessity be sad. Schopenhauer had his own interpretation of love.

Though he wrote years before Darwin, his notion of Romantic love was Darwinian in virtually every way.

Sad occasion essay

Why are so many individuals miserable in love?More than many other types of essays, descriptive essays strive to create a deeply involved and vivid experience for the reader. Great descriptive essays achieve this affect not through facts and statistics but by using detailed observations and descriptions.

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The ''why'' of crying may seem obvious and straightforward: You're happy or sad. But that's too simplistic.

Sad occasion essay

''Crying is a natural emotional response to certain feelings, usually sadness and hurt. The success essay in spanish flu my hobby essay on dancing urdu. Student pressure essay role model hook for argumentative essay tips narrative essay about goals in life (what a nightmare essay mapping) free write my essay neighborhood essay about singer grandmother in english.

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