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Response paper mccloskey article 278 205 kb

BoxDenton, TX In The Past Decadelibrarians have come to agree that mere library orientation offers prospective researchers inadequate preparation for the decision-making involved in contemporary information-gathering and utilization activities. More recently, many professionals have recognized the merits of conceptual approaches to instruction which—unlike procedural instruction—are transferable to a variety of information-handling situations.

This development has been linked with the recognition that enabling conceptual instruction must be contextual. An information literate person, then, must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to effectively locate, evaluate, and employ the needed information. The contributors to this issue of Library Trends have accepted the challenge of presenting instructional perspectives, from varying points of view, which support the cultivation of dimensions of information literacy.

For instance, they visualize scholarly discourse as the making of meaning through well elaborated information-gathering and knowledge presentation processes Stoan, Mclnnis, and Symes. They are conversant with enhanced access opportunities through emerging information technologies and eager to realize these potentialities through actively engaging users in intellectual discovery Oberman.

Authors recognize that enabling researchers to make concept-based connections with appropriate ideas and tools both in the classroom Huston, Baker, and Pastine and at the reference desk Hensley requires the application of sound learning principles.

Nontraditional library structures Pedersen, Espinola, Huston, and Motleyuser-centered retrieval systems Gormanand revised library school curricula Huston, Baker, and Pastine can support the large-scale changes necessary to promote both libraries and literacy.

With its multiple databases and integrated structures, the supercatalog offers access to more information more easily than ever before.

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For all the advantages that this new technology offers, there are also problems that must be recognized and confronted. The most serious of these is that users must choose from a multitude of possibilities in order to fulfill their information needs.

More than ever, critical thinking must become the core of bibliographic instruction. Yet, his dystopian vision of a world where choice results in individual confusion and anxiety presages at least one of the critical issues emerging from our increased abilities to provide access to a wide range of information easily and transparently—i.

This problem is not limited to online information systems. Indeed, it is becoming a growing area of concern in our everyday lives.

Response paper mccloskey article 278 205 kb

Perhaps an illuminating, if mundane, example of this problem is evident in the extraordinary increase of items available in the supermarket.

Not surprisingly, the overwhelming availability of competing items to choose from in the supermarket, according to one study, results in increased anxiety among shoppers Williams, This was borne out recently by a story a friend relayed to me.

He had gone to the grocery store to pick up his favorite cereal. The endless aisles of different types of cereals so overwhelmed and frustrated him—he could not find his favorite brand—that he abandoned his cart mid-aisle and went to a small corner grocery that had far fewer choices.

Response to “On Being an Atheist”

Gosline, president of the American Institute for Research, that: The problems of choice facing consumers in the grocery store are not that different from the problems of increasing choice which face students and faculty in the emerging online library environment.

Libraries, armed with the latest technological breakthroughs, have begun to reshape access patterns to information. The idea of the supercatalog is attractive: This online library, well advanced beyond the online catalog, opens opportunities for the user unimagined as recently as twenty-five years ago.

Response paper mccloskey article 278 205 kb

Clearly this new supercatalog presents a number of interesting and challenging problems, not the least of which is the overwhelming number of choices presented to the user. How do we ensure that students are equipped to harness the extraordinary powers of this new online environment?

The answer to this question lies in bibliographic education. The emergence of the supercatalog is one of the most important consequences of computer and telecommunication technologies. The wiring of the university and the concomitant emergence of new information structures are indeed two of the most influential environmental elements influencing higher education.

Furthermore, their impact on instruction librarians and the design of instruction has been, and will continue to be, acute. The online public access catalog, the first major component in the new online library, spurred much discussion and experimentation in teaching methods and formats.

Borne out by a number of other studies, the online catalog was viewed as a panacea by users, regardless of their success in locating relevant materials. The lure of technology had made itself felt. Perceived user happiness, though a desirable by-product, is not acceptable from an instruction librarian's perspective nor should it be acceptable to researchers.

Users must understand the online environment.R ESPONSE P APER McCloskey Article ( Kb) Having completed the unit of philosophy of religion, you are now ready to respond to an article written by an actual atheist. This article, titled “On Being an Atheist,” was written by H.

J. McCloskey in for the journal Question. Background. Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men in the United States. The prostate-specific antigen (PSA), often found at high levels in the serum of PCa patients, has been used as a marker for PCa detection and as a target of immunotherapy.

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