Reading comprehension dissertations

December, Under the Supervision of Susan Dean-Baar, PhD, RN, FAAN The goals of nursing faculty and administrators are to select students most capable of completing the nursing program and to provide academic support needed for program completion. However, despite stronger entrance requirements, educators are still baffled by the persistent attrition from nursing education programs. The purpose of this study was to describe and compare the level of reading comprehension of two groups of students, a pre-nursing student group and a senior nursing student group, to begin to understanding the level of reading comprehension found in the nursing student population. This could contribute to future research to determine whether reading ability might be an unexplored variable contributing to the persistent attrition of nursing students from baccalaureate programs at a time when resources in these programs are limited, and the demand for a competent and diverse workforce continues to increase.

Reading comprehension dissertations

Reading comprehension dissertations also sought to explore the nature of online reading comprehension among three adolescent readers who read online at different levels of proficiency. First, seventh-graders were selected from a stratified random sample of diverse middle school students in Connecticut and asked to complete a measure of online reading comprehension ability called Online Reading Comprehension Assessment Scenario I ORCA-Scenario I.

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Standardized reading comprehension scores were also collected. Sixteen weeks later, students completed a survey of topic-specific prior knowledge and a second, parallel measure of online reading comprehension ability ORCA-Scenario II.

Reading comprehension dissertations

Results of a hierarchical regression analysis indicated performance on one measure of online reading comprehension ability accounted for a significant amount of variance in performance on a second measure of online reading comprehension ability over and above offline reading comprehension ability and a measure of topic-specific knowledge.

Furthermore, there was an interaction between prior knowledge and online reading comprehension ability, such that higher levels of online reading comprehension skills may help compensate for lower levels of topic- and task-specific prior knowledge when adolescents complete online reading tasks requiring them to locate, critically evaluate, synthesize, and communicate information using the Internet.

Retrospective think-aloud protocol data were also obtained from three purposefully selected focal students after they completed the second online reading session.

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First, a developmental progression of online reading skills and strategies appeared to distinguish the three readers' performance within six observed phases of online reading. Second, developmental differences among the three readers appeared to be affected in important ways by five key dimensions of offline and online reading comprehension ability.

Findings from this study may open new possibilities for theory, research, and practice to support efforts that address the needs of diverse adolescent readers in new Internet reading contexts. Paradoxes and possibilities for diverse adolescent readers" The basic requirements are: a) a degree in law with a high standing from a recognized university; andb) proficiency in the English language: all students must be fully proficient in that language by the time they begin their studies.

This means that they should be fully acquainted with the fundamentals of . Recommended Citation.

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Vega, Laura Fuentes, "English language learners developing reading comprehension skills through Think-alouds" (). Doctoral Dissertations. Dissertation Advisor: Kim Gomez, Associate Professor, Instruction and Learning students’ reading comprehension and engagement with culturally relevant texts.


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RELATIONSHIP OF ORAL READING FLUENCY AND COMPREHENSION! iii! Acknowledgements This dissertation is dedicated to my family and friends. First and foremost, to my husband Ken, who has provided me with endless.

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