Peer reviewed nursing research articles

The purpose of this report is to review the evidence-based guidelines regarding the optimal storage and handling of expressed human breast milk EBM administered to pre-term infants or healthy infants and young children in the healthcare or community setting. June 1, Relationship between high-fidelity simulation and patient safety in prelicensure nursing education:

Peer reviewed nursing research articles

Surely the article will be of good quality if it has made it through the peer review process? Unfortunately this is not always the case. Publication bias can occur when editors only accept manuscripts that have a bearing on the direction of their own research, or reject manuscripts with negative findings.

Performing your own critical analysis of an article allows you to consider its value to you and to your workplace. Critical evaluation is defined as a systematic way of considering the truthfulness of a piece of research, the results and how relevant and applicable they are.

Keywords Three to six keywords that encapsulate the main topics of the research will have been drawn from the body of the article. Introduction This should include: Evidence of a literature review that is relevant and recent, critically appraising other works, not merely describing them Background information to the study, to orientate the reader to the problem Hypothesis or aims of the study Rationale for the study that justifies its need, i.

Materials and Methods Similar to a recipe, the description of materials and methods will allow others to replicate the study elsewhere if needed.

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It should both contain and justify the exact specifications of selection criteria, sample size, response rate and any statistics used. This will demonstrate how the study is capable of achieving its aims.

Things to consider in this section are: What sort of sampling technique and size was used? What proportion of the eligible sample participated?

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What were the strengths and weaknesses of the study? Were there threats to the reliability and validity of the study and were these controlled for? Were there any obvious biases? If a trial was undertaken, was it randomised, case controlled, blinded or double-blinded?

Journal of Nursing and Care- Open Access Journals But what are peer-reviewed or refereed or scholarly journal articles, and why do faculty require their use? Three categories of information resources:

At other times the barrier is harder, or even impossible to cross. Communication difficulties arise even when a translator is available, and non-verbal messages may be missed by the patient or even by the health professional.

Results Results should be statistically analysed and presented in a way that the average reader of the journal will understand.

Graphs and tables should be clear and promote clarity of the text. There were any major omissions in the results, which could indicate bias Percentages have been used to disguise small sample sizes The data generated is consistent with the data collected Negative results are just as relevant as research that produces positive results but as mentioned previously may be omitted in publication due to editorial bias.

Discussion This should show insight into the meaning and significance of the research findings. It should not introduce any new material, but should address how the aims of the study have been met.

The discussion should use previous research work and theoretical concepts as the context in which the new study can be interpreted.

Any limitations of the study, including bias, should be clearly presented.BMC Nursing: Here readers will find free, peer-reviewed articles on topics in nursing, research, practice and education with a U.K.

focus. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics: Started in , this UK journal focuses on "theoretical and practical aspects of nursing informatics as it relates to the art of nursing.". Hence, research and development of contemporary nursing and healthcare practices will help in uplifting the health status of a person, family as well as a specified population.

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Peer Reviewed Article The volution of a octor of Nursing Practice Program KT Waxman, DNP, MBA, RN, CNL, complete research projects as the culminating learning outcome, and consequently, IRBPHS to a peer-reviewed journal.

Peer reviewed nursing research articles

As part of the quali . A thorough review of the available literature using truncated search terms in several databases yielded scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, of which 18 articles directly addressed the posed research question related to simulation and safety.

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