Pak indo relation essay help

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Pak indo relation essay help

Brigadier Retired Naeem Ahmad Salik FDI Associate Key Points There is a need to embrace an overarching strategic stability regime and to shun aggressive security doctrines to reduce the possibility of a nuclear conflict.

The problems of terrorism and Non-State Actors need to be addressed jointly through institutionalised mechanisms.

pak indo relation essay help

Water issues should be resolved through the mechanisms provided by the Indus Basin Treaty and should not be allowed to degenerate into a pak indo relation essay help source of conflict. Economic co-operation and trade should be facilitated to develop mutuality of interest.

Summary In the last 65 years, India and Pakistan have been unable to resolve their differences and develop a normal good neighbourly relationship, which could have benefitted people on both sides of the border.

There have been several attempts to initiate a sustainable peace process, but most were either stillborn or abandoned in their infancy. Does it mean that the two countries are condemned to live in perpetual hostility?

Are the problems besetting their bilateral relations so intractable that no resolution is possible? Can they set aside their differences for a while and build on commonalities of interests?

Analysis These and many other such questions can be raised by any concerned observer of the South Asian region, where the disharmony between the two major players has adversely affected the ability of the region as a whole to attain its true potential, unlike, for instance, the advancements made in the ASEAN region.

For the past decade or so, their differences have transcended their common borders and have also played out in Afghanistan. The biggest beneficiaries of this prolonged conflict have been the extremist elements in both countries and, more recently, the pak indo relation essay help actors NSAs.

The NSAs seemingly have the capability to disrupt and derail any effort towards resolving the outstanding issues between India and Pakistan at will, by perpetrating a violent incident.

Major world powers have also promoted their geo-political interests by playing one country off against the other from time to time. Causes of Conflict The tensions between India and Pakistan are deeply rooted in their common history.

Their failure to reconcile their differences ultimately resulted in the partition of the Sub-continent. The partition itself was the result of a legal and constitutional process approved by both the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League.

Unfortunately, however, the actual partition was accompanied by mindless blood-letting and lasting acrimony resulting from complaints about the work of the Radcliffe Commission that was entrusted with the demarcation of the boundaries of the two states.

The messy procedure adopted by the British for determining the fate of the Princely States, sowed the seeds of the continuing conflict over the predominantly Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The festering Kashmir dispute has bedevilled relations between India and Pakistan. It has caused two wars anda serious border conflict Kargil, and has brought immense suffering and hardship to the people of the state. This unresolved dispute has also been a major drain on the resources of the two countries and has been a stumbling block to normalising relations between them.

A problem closely related to that of Kashmir is the distribution of the water of the rivers flowing from there into Pakistan.

Pakistan has a predominantly agrarian economy and, being a lower riparian state, has naturally been concerned about continuation of an adequate supply of irrigation water. The problem was thought to have been resolved in the early s through the Indus Basin Treaty, mediated by the World Bank.

But the problem is far from settled, as Pakistan has raised concerns over some of the Indian hydroelectric projects under construction on the western rivers that will affect waters for which Pakistan has the rights.

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The water problem has a serious potential to precipitate conflict in the future, given the rising requirements and shrinking supplies. The Nuclear Dimension Some commentators hoped in that the overt possession of nuclear weapons by both India and Pakistan would bring about the realisation that any conflict between them would have catastrophic consequences for both countries and would, therefore, result in strategic stability.

Unfortunately, that expected peace dividend is yet to be attained. Instead, a steady nuclear weapon and missile competition continues, in the absence of an overarching restraint regime. Pakistan has responded by introducing battlefield nuclear weapons. Afghanistan The conflict in Afghanistan has also had spill-over effects on Indo-Pakistani relations.

With uncertainties surrounding the internal dynamics of a post-NATO Afghanistan, it also could become an arena for India-Pakistan hostility to play out.

That would have serious consequences, not only for the peace and stability of Afghanistan, but also for the region as a whole. In the past decade, it has brought the two countries to the verge of war in and again in ; it also derailed the Composite Dialogue process between them, which appeared to be regaining some traction after a hiatus of three years.

Hopes were further raised by the election of Nawaz Sharif to the office of Prime Minister. Sharif has made no secret of his wish for peace and warmer relations between India and Pakistan, despite the fact that he has not received reciprocation from India.

The recent eruption of violence across the Line of Control in Kashmir, which in normal times would be a routine affair, has been blown out of proportion by the Indian media and some political parties with an eye on the forthcoming national elections in India.

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Incidents such as the attack on the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi by political activists can only add to the acrimony. Such incidents have compounded the already acute trust deficit between the two countries. Pakistan complains that India has provided material support, through Afghanistan, to the insurgents in Baluchistan and parts of the Federally Administered Tribal areas in the north-west and is now unhappy that instead of a responding to peace overtures, India is ratcheting up the anti-Pakistan rhetoric.

If the proposed meeting between the two Prime Ministers on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York in September takes place as planned, it will hopefully help in improving the atmospherics of India-Pakistan relations.

Areas of Common Interest Peace and stability are pre-requisites for economic development, trade and politico-socio-cultural relations. This has assumed added urgency since South Asia has obtained nuclear capability, as there is now little margin for error.Writing scholarship essays for college students water pollution introduction essays girls going places essay.

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_____ Indo-Pakistani Indo-Pakistani relations The forces of Pakistan invaded in Kashmir in and Hari Singh asked India for help. Indian Armed forces violating the . The Indo-Pakistani War of started following Pakistan's Operation Gibraltar, which was designed to infiltrate forces into Jammu and Kashmir to precipitate an insurgency against rule by India.

The five-week war caused thousands of casualties on both Commission of Pakistan, New Delhi: High Commission of India, Islamabad. Relations between the US and Pakistan After Pakistan became independent in , the US provided military aid to Pakistan but did not seek deeper relations.

However, in when the Indo – Pakistan war occurred, the US suspended the assistance. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Indo Pak Relation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


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