Noise pollution essay conclusion

The term noise pollution is used to define unwanted sounds that are released into the environment. Various research studies have proven that noise pollution imposes a number of negative impacts on mental and physical health. To understand the reasons behind these health conditions, people should consider the effects that are usually caused by noise pollution.

Noise pollution essay conclusion

Noise Control Essay Situation: You have been notified that there is a case before City Council to approve a new nightclub in your neighborhood.

The owners of the proposed nightclub have operated several other clubs in your city. They have a reputation for being insensitive to those who live nearby in the community. What restrictions would you recommend the city require the new nightclub to meet before granting an approval?

Should hearing protection be worn by employees? This problem is very actual for those living in multi-storied buildings with poor acoustic system.

People live in zones which do not ensure acoustic comfort to residents. According to the statistics disposed in World Health Organization Community Noise more than a half of population in different countries is subjected to noise pollution.

Let alone transmission of Noise pollution essay conclusion from one flat to another, building a new nightclub in the neighborhood will set up new noise problems without any doubt.

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Music generated from the nightclub will interfere with night sleep and evening rest of the residents of nearby houses. Before granting an approval to the future nightclub owners City Council should ensure the security and comfort of the citizens.

The Council should see to it that competent sound experts check the pressure level. If it is higher than 50 and 70 dB LAeq during the daytime and above norm at night, the nightclub should not be built in the area and individual sound perception of citizens should also be taken into account as some of them may have high threshold of perception.

If it is possible each dweller must be asked if he agrees with building a nightclub, because the same sounds may seem noise to one person and appear to be music to the other; it depends on individual music preferences. What is more, the same sounds at daytime may be pleasant to listen to and unbearable, irritating to hear at night when one is tired and needs physical and mental rest, comfort and silence.

It is common knowledge that hearing damage is frequent for musicians and their fans who listen to their favorite music as loud as possible; their hearing weakens under the severe pressure of noise.

Essay on Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects and Control

That is why those who wear ear-flaps for a prolonged period of time make their players and radio work louder every time as they worsen hearing. Loud music outdoors also influences people badly, they become more aggressive, annoyed, irritated and inattentive.

If they are deprived of good night sleep they may not be so energetic at daytime and if they do not sleep out because of nightclub chaos noise. If nevertheless City Council approves of building the nightclub, the building should be designed in a way it should have sound reduction walls as when a nightclub is closed people have regular working hours have to go to work and have no time to sleep as they could only doze at night.

But here arises one more problem: References Kryter, Karl D.

Essay on Noise Pollution for Children and Students It affects both human-beings and animals.
Words Essay on Noise Pollution Pollution Noise Pollution Construction sites, highway traffic, emergency sirens, and barking animals are not just an inconvenience to the ear, but what researchers call noise pollution. Although it is looked over by many; noise pollution can have serious negative effects on the environment and the human body.
Long and Short Essay on Noise Pollution in English Environmental pollution occurs when pollutants contaminate the natural surroundings. Pollution disturbs the balance of our ecosystems, affect our normal lifestyles and gives rise to human illnesses and global warming.
Noise Pollution: Free Cause and Effect Essay Samples and Examples February 5, By Ankita Mitra Environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment. These pollutants contaminates the environment.
Essay on Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution - Important India Introduction Nowadays, noise is defined as unwanted sound.

The Handbook of Hearing and the Effects of Noise: Physiology, Psychology, and Public Health. We write original custom essay papers only from scratch.How To Write Environmental Pollution Essay.

/08/28 by Amanda Right How to, Writing Samples. Noise pollution is still pollution; The role of pesticides; Environmental protection; Body 3.

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Example of conclusion for a pollution essay. In conclusion, man is noted as the greatest polluter of the environment.

Words Essay on Noise Pollution. Article shared by. Any unwanted and unpleasant sound is called noise. Noise is very harmful and it has certain affects upon human beings which are, direct physical or physiological. None can escape from the noise which is known as uncoated sound.

Noise is one of the major threats to the quality of human life. Noise pollution is the presence of such high levels of noise or sound in the environment that are disturbing, irritating and annoying to living beings. Noise Pollution refers to the: unpleasant noise that disturbs the peace and calmness of the mind.

Free sample essay about noise control. Get help with writing an essay on noise control topic. Example essay about noise pollution. Noise pollution takes place when noise and unpleasant sounds cause temporary disruption in the natural balance.

It is usually caused by industrialization, social events, poor urban planning, household chores, transportation, and construction activities. Nowadays, noise is defined as unwanted sound.

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Noise pollution consists of all the unwanted sounds in our daily life and sonic pollution originated in the workplace. There are some types of noise pollution found in the environment, workplace and new technology (Two sentences are missing.

Noise pollution essay conclusion

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Noise Pollution: Free Cause and Effect Essay Samples and Examples