My delightful experience flying southwest airlines

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My delightful experience flying southwest airlines

We arrived from a seven day relaxing and fun vacation three hours early to the airport in Punta Cana. Two hours and twenty four minutes were spent in line waiting to get our bags checked.

My delightful experience flying southwest airlines

This was beyond ridiculous. Then after that, we still had to go through security and immigration. We finally get through all that and rush to the plane.

Luckily, our flight had started pre boarding but the A1's to 30's were standing on the tarmac. We were able to get our place in the line, whew!

On each side of the plane, in the first 8 rows were women sitting individually with purses, coats, bags, sweaters, etc. Since there was only one bag in the third row, my husband and I went to take the two other seats.

We were told that the row was taken.

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Now, I get very sick on planes and truly need to be in the front which is why we pay for pre boarding. My husband and I politely said that since there was one bag and three seats, we would like to take them.

The "woman" told us not to move her bag, which we didn't. She further went on to say that if we moved her bag, there would be negative consequences. This warning was laced with the kind of profanity that a "lady" in her 60's should know better than to use in public.

These women paid to pre-board and then got on the plane, saving all the front seats for the rest of their group who did not pay to pre-board. When she got loud and threatening, I motioned for the flight attendant to come over, explaining the situation to her.

My delightful experience flying southwest airlines

She told the woman that saving seats was not a SW policy and yet every woman on that plane continued to tell people inquiring about seats that those rows were taken. So, to get even with us as her family was entering the plane, she told her pound son to take the seat next to me.

Almost laughable if this wasn't really happening, right? SW failed us from the moment we stepped into the Punta Cana airport.

We are able to book flights every other year to visit them. This entire situation was horrible and ruined our trip. We could not wait to get off that plane. SW has lost valuable customers.Flying upstairs is always a relatively novel experience so when my aircraft has a second deck I always sit there.

The main difference from a passenger perspective is that it is not as wide as the lower deck and you have the extra storage by the window which adds to a sense of space for those people. Lufthansa First Class is one of TPG’s (and my own) favorite first-class cabins. The old first class aboard the is on the upper deck of the plane in a kind of private mini-cabin, and the seats contain both an armchair and a completely separate full-length bed.

Travelers flying with this Japan-based carrier found the flight attendants practiced a unique, Japanese-specific brand of hospitality, creating a hyper-local and enjoyable in-flight experience. by The Travel Sisters | Oct 1, | Credit Cards, Manufactured Spending, Ultimate Rewards Today is the first day of a new quarter and a new set of 5 percent categories for the Chase Freedom card (one of my favorite credit cards).

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AerClub. One moment please! Loading * * * * * *. Southwest Airlines plane is grounded when passenger on flight sees 'flames coming out of the wing' as it prepared for takeoff. A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Detroit to St Louis.

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