Monthly status report to sponsors

Forgot your password or username? What this is A multi-project, high level status format for visually conveying a quick look at the status of various on-going, soon-to-start or dependent projects. It was developed by a medium-sized telecom company as a way of quickly reporting project portfolio status to executive staff members. By design, it does not contain much detail!

Monthly status report to sponsors

There is no one line answer to this. A project status dashboard or project status report can help us express the project status in a crisp yet effective manner.


Making Dashboards using Excel ] To make the project management dashboard, you must answer the following questions, Who is the audience of this dashboard? Top management or project sponsors or team members or other departments?

What are they interested to know? Day to day issues or High level stuff or Plans or Budgets? What is the frequency for updating the dashboard? Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly or Once in a blue moon? The answers to these questions will determine what goes in to the dashboard and how it should be constructed.

For our example, I have assumed the following scenario, but you can easily change the dashboard constituents based on your situation.

Audience of the report: Project Sponsorship Team Interested to know: Make an outline sketch of the dashboard Based on the above answers, we vaguely know what should go in to the dashboard. Based on this, we should make an outline sketch of the dashboard. This will help you structure the dashboard on an excel spreadsheet.

For our example, this is the outline I have prepared. Get the data to be placed on dashboard Making a dashboard in excel is a complex and intricate process. Getting your data to calculate the dashboard metrics or KPIs is the most vital part of any dashboard construction.

In our outline, the sections 1,2 and 3 are purely data and 4,5 and 6 are charts prepared from data. These inputs can be further manipulated to make the dashboard. For our dashboard, we need the following inputs, Overall project status and progress List of ongoing activities and issues We will derive other inputs from the following, Project Plan Gantt Chart discussed in Part 1 will provide us the project plan Project Timeline Chart in Part 2 will give us the timeline chart Burn down chart will give us the project deliverable status Issue Tracker discussed in Part 5 will give us the metrics related to issues Step 3: Put everything together and make a dashboard [PS: I have greatly simplified the process of dashboard construction to keep the article readable.

Monthly status report to sponsors

Please note that this step usually takes a few of hours and has lot more detail] Now that we have all the bits of our data ready, we just need to bring them together to make a dashboard.

See the below illustration to understand how each part of the dashboard is constructed. That is all, our dashboard is ready now. Download the project management dashboard excel file Unlike other downloads on Chandoo.

You can purchase unlocked version along with 23 other project management templates — Click here to buy it. To download the locked version of project management dashboard excel file click these links: Do you use excel or some other tool like powerpoint, word to prepare the report?

Is the process automated or manual? Resources for Project Managers Check out my Project Management using Excel page for more resources and helpful information on project management.

This is the last installment of project management using excel series. I am looking for ideas to extend this series in useful manner.Here you can download project status report template excel, weekly or monthly basis regarding project nature and daily reporting is very important for managing any project regarding evaluation performance.

Mostly project manager must consider this a important template for project management, especially multiple project tracking purposes. The purpose of status reporting is to manage the expectations of the sponsor and the stakeholders.

In many cases where conflicts arise, it's not because of the actual problem, but because the. Monthly Status Report to Sponsors. Assume you are the project manager for a software company and your team is in charge of delivering an update to tax preparation software for the next tax season.

Step 2: Get the data to be placed on dashboard

The project team has ten software developers working together, but located across the country. Monthly Status Report to Sponsors. Assume you are the project manager for a software company and your team is in charge of delivering an update to tax preparation software for the next tax season. Apache Project Management Committees (PMC) are required to report on their project's health and status quarterly to the Board of Directors.

While PMCs manage their own technical affairs independently, the Board provides the oversight to ensure that projects continue to operate as healthy, community- and consensus-driven projects that support our mission.

Step 6 Compile and Submit Monthly Technical Status Report Responsibility: System Manager Using the Monthly Technical Status Reports from the control account managers, the system managers are responsible for preparing a system level Monthly Technical Status.

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