Marketing of aquafina

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Marketing of aquafina

PepsiCo admits public source origins of its Aquafina bottled water Published time: Aquafina is then purified through a seven-step process, stripping it of minerals and other contents commonly found in municipal water supply. Aquafina is finally coming clean: So why do we pay 2,x the price of tap for it?

Coca-Cola acknowledged the public origins of Dasani inbut maintains that the purification process distinguishes it from tap water.


Only 1 year of water left in California, NASA scientist suggests rationing Nestle says its Pure Life water is purified through a step process, including reverse osmosis and distillation. The company has faced criticism for pumping water from the San Bernardino National Forest in California even as the state faces unprecedented drought and water rationing.

Nestle says its water rights predate the creation of the preserve, and that 25 million gallons 95 million liters drawn in represents less than 10 percent of the measured flow. ObesityEpidemic this is why America is fat.

Marketing of aquafina

Gorman TruDiamndJules October 28, Facing a slump in sales of carbonated soft drinks due to health concerns, beverage companies are increasingly relying on bottled water revenue. Americans consumed 12 billion gallons of bottled water, or about 34 gallons per capita. Plastic waste is a major concern, though:Aquafina / ˌ ɑː k w ə ˈ f iː n ə / is a brand of purified bottled water products produced by PepsiCo, consisting of both unflavored and flavored water.

Marketing of aquafina

The Aquafina brand name is also licensed for use on multiple skin care products, including lip . Mar 29,  · Dave DeCecco, a spokesman at the Pepsi-Cola North America division of Pepsi-Co in Purchase, N.Y., declined to discuss the next round of Aquafina marketing. Not one to go back on a promise made, Aquafina brand rewarded the winners of the Aquafina Elite Model Look Nigeria , Funmilayo Akinjuola and Damilola Okunola, with .

PepsiCo is unveiling an expanded, revamped lineup for its Aquafina FlavorSplash brand, with an eye toward attracting toyear-olds to the Aquafina trademark, a billion-dollar brand. We are test marketing ml packs of Aquafina priced at Rs 5 in Tamil Nadu to start with.´ With its new packaging strategy, PepsiCo is also targeting rural audience across the country.

³With lower price point of Aquafina (Rs 5) we are looking at both rural and urban markets to drive volumes. PepsiCo’s Aquafina has unveiled two spots to promote its new line of naturally sweetened sparkling water. The two second TV spots, created by Mekanism, are part of Aquafina’s ongoing ‘For.

PepsiCo admits public source origins of its Aquafina bottled water — RT US News