How to help your child with speech therapy at home

Did you know that you can do speech therapy at home?

How to help your child with speech therapy at home

While there will not be a half-pipe, blob-sledding track or a gold medal at the end of your session, the reward will be an opportunity to spend quality time with your child and help him or her with increasing speech and language skills. There are a wide variety of reasons to work on speech therapy exercises at home.

Sometimes, a parent is not sure if her child needs to see a speech therapist and would like to do some speech therapy exercises at home first. Or, your child is already seeing an SLP and you would like to supplement what he is learning with at-home activities.

We have put together a list of exercises, tools and activities worthy of the Sochi games. Each exercise is designed to engage your child and stimulate language and speech production. Remember, therapy sessions, especially for children under the age of three should be FUN!

Your child may not cooperate if he feels like he is in a formal learning environment. Children need to enjoy their activities in order to learn. While a little structure is okay, let your child walk around the room, wiggle and giggle to get the most out of your time together.

Exercises for Speech Therapy: You can help make it more entertaining by providing an activity for kids to do along with them or a reward when done correctly.

For example, a small piece of candy chewable is good for strengthening jaw muscles after saying a certain number of sounds on the language cards correctly.

Speaking in front of a mirror can help a child to see how her mouth moves when she makes particular sounds. You can articulate each sound slowly and correctly to model proper positioning for your child and demonstrate the differences in the mirror.

Frog Hop This is a simple game to help get your child to repeat the same word six times. Choose six words that you want to practice.

Fun speech therapy exercises and activities for children

Spread the plastic lily pads all over the room. Have your child hop to each lily pad, each time saying the word. After he hops to all six of the lily pads and says the word correctly, your little frog may want a tasty fly as a reward!

This is a fun board game by Hasbro that helps children identify everyday items such as cars, animals, foods and sea creatures. Not only does this game teach problem-solving, it encourages proper character identification and socialization skills.

Beware, you may find yourself playing it over and over! These are four of our favorites — what are yours? Check out these websites for additional speech therapy exercises and activities:*What's the first thing you should do when you suspect your child has a speech problem *Discover 8 reasons of faulty speech and what to exactly do about them *If you're not sure about your child's problems then the included test will help you *What you should never do when your child mispronounces a word *Which sound you'll teach first.

How to help your child with speech therapy at home

According to the Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA), occupational therapy deals with fine-motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, cognitive skills and sensory-processing deficits. Cornerstone Speech Therapy in Columbus Ohio is a family-centered private speech therapy provider.

We offer therapy sessions at our office or in your home.

How to get your child with apraxia to practice speech at home. This article includes dozens of ideas for every day life and play opportunities for speech practice. Over parents were in attendance for the CASANA National Apraxia Parent Conference, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Speech Therapy. How to Help Your Child Talk; What You Can Expect From Speech Therapy {A Guide for Parents} 5 Tips to Help Your Child’s Speech and Language Development. Welcome to my How to Help Your Child Talk series. These posts are intended to give you simple tips to help you work with your child so YOU can be your child. " Super Star Speech is a kind and thoughtful 'gift' from the author to parents of children with speech problems. There are very few speech therapy programs out there for the layman, and even many speech therapy websites are geared to the professional.

For these reasons, parents are often interested in ways they can do speech therapy at home. The following contains ideas of how you can help your child be understood better as well as improve their use of language to communicate with others in .

Speech Therapy At Home. If you’re wondering how you can improve your child’s speech and language skills at home, you’ve come to the right place! Speech therapy may be provided by your child's school as a part of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

The speech therapist should be part of your child's IEP team, both for evaluating your child's speech and language abilities and deciding how therapy should be administered.

Speech-Language Therapy