Global wireless evoting

Ireland Stopped using them unless machines are upgraded. This could also be a trend about to begin.

Global wireless evoting

Global wireless e-voting is the newly proposed technique of Online Voting System of this period to secure the respect of voting. Politics and corruption have prevailed everywhere. Though voting desires to be the Global wireless evoting and truthful manner which effects the authentic preference of the democracy.

The entire control is saved inside the hand of vote casting in rate officer. One greater risk with the existing voting system is that everyone can increase the vote count since the count is present in the machine itself.

So must no longer we do something to enhance the techniques of vote casting? The people will tend to burden from the voting sports if politics and corruption will maintain to have an effect on the vote casting system.

One technique to the present problem is Global wireless e-voting casting. Working of this electronic voting software is very simple. Whenever voters enter to voting booth then he will be instructed to directly look at retina scanning machine at this time the machine scans the retina.

Once retina scanning properly confirmed then it sent a signal to the voting machine as to accept the vote it will be powered on. Only then the voter is made to vote. Now the whole data including the retina pattern is sent to interfacing device which converts into radio waves of the mobile frequency range and these radio waves are sent to the mobile tower and then to the remote server, where the authentication and voters identification is stored in a secured database.

The received data is first converted into digital format from the radio waves through the interface device kept at the server side, and then retina pattern and vote separated. If a match is observed then a flag is test which indicates its vote casting reputation i.

This acknowledgment is recognized by using the receiver kept on the voter side and the machine is made to scan next retina pattern and vote, in any other case if bad acknowledgment then an alert alarm might be rung.

Global wireless evoting

So the usage of this method, we will make sure that handiest dependable voter is voting for himself. Should e-voting or online voting system be used going forward?A analysis of Virginia’s computerized voting machines found that hackers could access the wireless networks the machines ran on to view or change votes.

A system by which voters mark paper ballots that are scanned by machine could be a better option, Daw said. “Marking a piece of paper is pretty old school,” he said. In proposed machine that is “Global Wireless E-Voting “.

In this the machine is made intelligent which can determine the eligibility of the voter by scanning the eye pattern and also the vote count is not kept into the same machine itself instead of it it is store in the remote server by converting it into radio waves.

e voting b tech seminar documentation, global wireless e voting in txt file, documentation of global electronic voting about 23 pages, global wireless e voting documentation, Title: global wireless e-voting ppt with slides Page Link: global wireless e-voting ppt with slides - Posted By: srinivas reddy The problem with electronic voting isn't the electronic voting.

Global Wireless E-Voting

It is there is no way to audit. We can have the benefits of both electronic and paper voting by just mandating electronic machines print out a hard copy of the vote that was just cast, or about to at least. These tickets, ideally verified as accurate by the voter, would be turned in.

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That mean the whole control is kept in the hand of voting in charge officer. One more risk with the present voting machine is that any body can increase the vote count, since the count is present in the machine itself. In proposed machine that is “Global Wireless E-Voting “/5(2).

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