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In many books, when one part of the book mentions another part of the same book, or mentions the work as a whole, the name is set in small caps sometimes typesetting small caps after transforming to Title Casenot italics and not roman type within quotation marks. Computer support for small caps[ edit ] Fonts[ edit ] The OpenType font standard provides support for transformations from normal letters to small caps by two feature tagssmcp and c2sc. Small capitals are not found in all fonts, as they were primarily used within body text and so are often not found in fonts that are not intended for this purpose, such as many sans-serif families.

Extended essay page numbering

US from Eau Claire northerly to Superior and Duluth, Minnesota, is a major thoroughfare in western Wisconsin, consisting almost exclusively of freeway and four-lane expressway construction. However, from Eau Claire southerly toward Galesville, the route of US takes a winding course through the hills and valleys of the area on a two-lane highway, mostly superceeded by parallel STH From Galesville through Holmen and Onalaska to La Crosse, though, US becomes a heavily-travelled thoroughfare, with 11 miles of this segment built as a freeway.

The biggest project in the US corridor in many years—if not ever—has been the construction of an eastern Eau Claire freeway bypass on completely new alignment, linking the southern end of the freeway segment at Chippewa Falls to I southeast of Eau Claire.

The new freeway bypass was built to help ease congestion along the former route of US through Eau Claire along Hastings Way, as well as improve traffic safety in the area. Through traffic is now using the new freeway, Extended essay page numbering local Eau Claire traffic will continue to use the former highway which will Extended essay page numbering turned back to local control, but signed as BUS US A completely new interchange was constructed at the STH freeway bypass of Chippewa Falls, located immediately adjacent to the former STH interchange.

The third and final freeway segment—from the North Crossing southerly back to existing US near the STH interchange—was opened to traffic at The State of Wisconsin, however, still felt US in Northwestern Wisconsin was such a major thoroughfare that the entire route from Eau Claire northerly was earmarked for conversion to a freeway facility during the s.

While a short stretch of freeway was constructed at Superior, most of the construction began near Chippewa Falls and proceeded northerly until further freeway upgrades stalled north of Rice Lake during the lates.

Aside from a few expressway upgrades during the s, the remainder of the Eau Claire-Superior corridor was converted to expressway standards during the s bringing the route to four lanes divided.

While not the originally-proposed freeway facility, many in the region were happy to have the route upgraded to at least expressway standards. No plans seem to currently exist to convert the expressway segments of US between Haugen and Superior to full freeway standards, although the "Spooner bypass" is quite close as it currently exists.

A chronological breakdown of freeway and expressway construction along US from Eau Claire to Superior follows in the History section of this listing. US would not be extended northerly from Duluth into Minnesota until Soon after being designation, US was straightened and rerouted between Barron and Chetek onto a more direct alignment.

Then ina moderate realignment following alongside the Ohmaha R. The last gravel-surfaced stretches of US were finally hard-surfaced in The Blatnik Bridge is technically the first portion of the route of US to be converted to freeway standards.

Beginning in and continuing through today, additional segments of the route are converted to freeway as detailed below. The conversion of the US corridor between Eau Claire and Superior from two-lane highway to full freeway standards began in the lates and proceeded along the following schedule: The US freeway opened from the temporary termins between Bloomer and New Auburn northwesterly past Chetek to US-8 relocated at Cameron, where US traffic diverted back easterly to the former route in Cameron.

This would be the last freeway segment in Eau Claire-Superior corridor opened for over 25 years. Instead of a freeway conversion on all new alignment, the US corridor from the northern end of the existing freeway near Haugen northerly to Trego is converted to expressway, partially on new alignment Haugen bypass, Spooner bypass and partially converted existing alignment.

An interchange is included at STH east of Spooner. Additional mileage of expressway "twinning" of the existing US alignment is completed from Trego northerly to the wayside between Lampson and Minong.

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More of US is converted to expressway from the wayside between Lampson and Minong northerly to Gordon, mostly along the existing alignment but with a western bypass of the community of Minong. The US expressway "twinning" is extended from Gordon northerly to just south of Solon Springs, largely on the existing alignment.

The final stretch of expressway—the "Solon Springs bypass"—was opened to traffic and dedicated by Governor Thompson in late September with the burial of a time capsule next to the highway on the north side of Solon Springs.

The new expressway bypasses Solon Springs to the west then uses much of the existing alignment from north of town northerly to the southern end of the existing expressway segment southeast of Bennett.

In addition to the freeway and expressway conversion projects within the US corridor between Eau Claire and Superior, a smaller project to improve safety and traffic flow along another portion of US—from La Crosse northerly—was completed during the lates and earlys. The following four segments of US exist as freeway: Lake Superior Circle Tour: Great River Road runs via US over the following two segments: This locally-designated route traverses the former route of US through Minong.

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This locally-designated route traverses the former route of US through Solon Springs.The Lincoln Highway was one of the earliest transcontinental highways for automobiles across the United States of America.

Conceived in by Indiana entrepreneur Carl G.

Extended essay page numbering

Fisher, and formally dedicated October 31, , the Lincoln Highway ran coast-to-coast from Times Square in New York City west to Lincoln Park in San Francisco, originally . NELUSCO J. ADAMS. Nelusco J.

Adams WWI Draft Registration Card 5th June Nelusco John Adams was the son of Joseph Adams and Laura Péché, and was Jelly Roll Morton’s uncle, even though they were born only a few months apart.

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