Cowgirl chocolate analysis essay

The marketing strategy is one of the most important parts of the company's general strategy, given the fact that the marketing dimension of the product or service in case will determine the evolution of the product. Marketing Challenge Cowgirls Chocolates' owners must face several marketing challenges that must be resolved in order to maintain the company on the market, and to improve its position. The most important marketing challenge is related to the promotional strategy and is represented by the fact that the ad that will be published in a magazine may not be suitable for the current situation of the company and for what the company's owners are trying to achieve with this commercial.

Cowgirl chocolate analysis essay

I have provided a number of ideas that you can expand on and provide details for. The details are what you decide are important to focus on in each area.

For each area, I have provided the basics of the section. I have also provided in several sections a strategy that can be filled in to make it more complete. If you have any questions or need clarification please ask.

Environment As economic trends continue to improve, people have more disposable income. The target market for these chocolates are going to be those with upper middle class to wealthy incomes.

The product will appeal to those who like chocolate, specialized chocolate, and things that are spicy. Spicy flavored items, like chocolate have actually gained in popularity with two well known fine chocolate companies offering spicy chocolates, Lindt and Godiva. So the market is open for new products like this.

The company is small, and it will compete in a specialized niche market. The products, in all its flavors should appeal to both men and women. One concern is that the product must be fresh and there should be warnings about the spiciness if it is very hot.

However, with other flavors including like expresso, the flavor should be expected and those looking for special taste sensations will often be the purchasers. Another positive for the company is the market for Hispanic, Mexican, Tex Mex flavors continues to grow.

Adding chocolate to this trend is a positive for the company as long as it understands and targets its markets correctly. The trends toward more spicy flavored foods, especially for men, should be capitalized on.

First strategies should find the company focus on chocolate, spicy and those flavors gaining in popularity or that fit into the current popularity like lime, expresso, and the always popular mint.

The introduction of milder chocolate flavors might continue to grow the market share if mixed in well with the current product offerings. Finding the best mix for creating a market that appeals to the middle and upper class individual with a taste for the different or the Hispanic flavors will be a plus.

Cowgirl chocolate analysis essay

Additionally, the company should market with an eye to making sure consumers are aware that the chocolate comes from a small, independent, American company, with more emphasis on the small company feel. People are less trusting of corporate food companies and any time the company can claim to be small helps.

Cowgirl chocolate analysis essay

Also, the chocolate is from Germany, among the best chocolatiers in the country, another potential point of emphasis. Industry The chocolate industry is considered part of the candy industry and most candy companies supply chocolates.

Specialty chocolates are numerous, and must compete for market with the giants like Mars and Nestle's. While Cowgirl Chocolates is small and very specific, it still must compete with companies like Great Seattle that supplied the finished chocolates, and other specialty "fine" chocolates like Godiva and Lindt.

Additionally, small chocolate companies like Peterbrooke and Whetstone's were chocolate companies in other regional markets making entry into those markets difficult.

Chocolate is one of the bestselling types of candies and people like chocolate flavors. Vanilla, caramel, mocha, and mint Solution Summary An analysis of a company and potential problems and solution alternatives.Cowgirl Chocolates - Marketing Analysis Case Essay; Cowgirl Chocolates - Marketing Analysis Case Essay.

Cowgirl Chocolate Analysis. Cowgirl Chocolates - Marketing Analysis Case Essay Words | 7 Pages. Situation Analysis Since the inception of a revolutionary spicy chocolate recipe, Marilyn Lysohir and Ross Coates have been striving to grow a profitable business in the chocolate industry.

Essay Cowgirl Chocolates - Marketing Analysis Case. revolutionary spicy chocolate recipe, Marilyn Lysohir and Ross Coates have been striving to grow a profitable business in the chocolate industry.

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Cowgirl Chocolates - Marketing Analysis Case Essay; Cowgirl Chocolates - Marketing Analysis Case Essay. Words Nov 14th, Cowgirl Chocolate Analysis Words | 6 Pages.

Cowgirl Chocolates Analysis Cowgirl chocolates are the design of Marilyn Lysohir and her husband, Ross Coates in Marilyn is a ceramicist and lecturer who is. I am in need of quite a bit of help composing a page analysis on a case regarding a business in the food industry.

Information regarding the business and its case can be found in the attached PDF. The required areas of. Cowgirl Chocolates come in mint, orange, lime-tequila, espresso, and milk chocolate. Although espresso is the hottest, all five flavors are hot. In order to appease people who prefer chocolate without spice, this year Marilyn has started making "mild-mannered" milk chocolate and dark chocolate truffles.

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