Book report on chris matthews hardball

And yet, the perpetrators did not strike without warning.

Book report on chris matthews hardball

Buy from another retailer: This is not a civics book. It is not about pristine procedures, but about imperfect people.

Its subject is not the grand sweep of history, but the round-the-clock scramble for position, power and survival in the city of Washington.

Let me define terms: It is the discipline of gaining and holding power, useful to any profession or undertaking, but practiced most openly and unashamedly in the world of public affairs.

More important to you, the reader, is how the basic rules of Hardball have proven true. The wisdom I gleaned from the gamesmanship of John F. Bill Clinton has given us frequent lessons in spin. Less fortunate leaders like Newt Gingrich have been taught to only talk when it improves the silence.

As I wrote inthis book is also meant to entertain. Lived to the hilt, a political career is a grand and exuberant experience. In the following pages you will enjoy some candid glimpses of how well-known figures achieved their ambitions. You will meet some very unlikely success stories, people who learned the game, played hard and won.

Will called me "half Huck Finn and half Machiavelli. For me the grand journey began a quarter century ago when I came to Washington thinking I knew something about politics. I had been an addict of the electoral game, a true political junkie, since high school days.

Even then I was rooting for and against candidates, cheering their victories, grieving with them on election night. When I went away to the Peace Corps in my early twenties, I maintained the romance from afar.

So I should have been prepared for my immersion in the political world. For years I had stood in awed attention at the grand debate, the daunting personalities, the big-picture spectacle of national politics.

But in terms of political hardball, I came to Washington as a neophyte. I entered a world that was as anthropologically exotic as the one I had just left in southern Africa.

Scott Fitzgerald once said that the "very rich" are different from you and me. So, I came to learn, are the very political. It is a world of tough old alliances, Gothic revenge and crafty deal-making, but also of marvelous state-of-the-art tactics such as spin and positioning.

Old or new, the machinations of the hardened, dedicated pol would strike most people as offbeat. In the following pages you will read of raw ambition, of brutal rivalry and exquisite seduction. If the tone is tongue-in-cheek, if some portraits and situations appear too comical for such important affairs, you have caught my attitude precisely: That, we will see, is only the beginning of the strangeness.

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I have learned firsthand that the notions we harbor of political men -- and women -- are a poor guide to reality. Not even the cynic is prepared to understand the wheeling and dealing of the true pol: Expect a raging egotist, entranced by his own affairs, and you are seized with the unfamiliar pleasure of having someone probe with quick interest at your own most intimate longings, plotting your course even before you have done so yourself.

Expect to be wooed with favors, and he captures you instead with a breathtaking request. His real knack, as Machiavelli taught him five hundred years ago, lies in getting you to do things for him.

Eerily and against your will, you discover that the more you do for him, the more loyal you become, the more you want to invest in his career.

Expect a figure of dark passions, fired by revenge, and you meet someone with cold-blooded shrewdness, an uncanny bent to bring the most hated enemy into the tent with him. Expect an argument, and you are blinded by the quick concession; yes, you are right on the larger "principle" -- it is the smaller, more tangible points that seem to interest him.

Expect a swell, born to well-placed connections, and you meet someone heir to another sort of legacy: Expect a narcissist, and you meet a person who not only exposes his faults but has learned, adroitly, to brandish and exploit them.

Such curious, even quirky behavior sets the political animal apart from the pack.

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Hardball By Chris Matthews Summary. Chris Matthews, who has been active in the political scene for decades, shows a good (if poorly expressed) understanding of how a lawyer from WWII general or an actor from California can play the right political cards to win the presidency.

In his book "Hardball", Matthews asserts that the game of politics to be one more of subtle nuances and individual.

Book report on chris matthews hardball

How politics is played by one who knows the game host of MSNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews. Chris Matthews has spent a quarter century on the playing field of American politics—from right-hand man of Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill to host of NBC's highest rated cable talk show Hardball.

In this revised and updated edition of his political classic, he offers fascinating new stories of raw. Hardball with Chris Matthews is an American television talk show on MSNBC, broadcast weekdays at 7 PM ET hosted by Chris Matthews.

It originally aired on now-defunct America's Talking (as Politics with Chris Matthews) and later CNBC. Get the latest news, video, and commentary from Chris Matthews, and join Hardball’s community.

Hardball with Chris Matthews is an American television talk show on MSNBC, broadcast weekdays at 7 PM ET hosted by Chris program was originally broadcast on the now-defunct America's Talking (as Politics with Chris Matthews) and then later, on current title was derived from a book Matthews wrote in , Hardball: How Politics Is Played Told by One Who Knows the Game.

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