Argumentative essay child punishment

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Argumentative essay child punishment

Crime Corporal punishment ethics are well recognized to have altered over time. Their alternations are in blame for a worldwide controversy amongst individuals as they oppose different sides.

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Numerous caretakers argue that corporal punishment should not be abolished as rebellious behaviors have increased amongst generations.

They feel that corporal punishment should be enforced in the school system as help improve rebellious behavior. At the same time, other caretakers argue that corporal punishment should be abolished. Corporal punishment is still practiced despite of the opinions of numerous individuals.

Despite the approving of corporal punishment of several caretakers, I personally oppose corporal punishment as it can bring out negative mentally along psychological behaviors. I feel that various caretakers are taking corporal punishment to extreme measure as several do not recognize when enough is enough.

Argumentative essay child punishment

I feel that corporal punishment is not an effective means of discipline. I feel that such practices simply augment to rebellious, aggressive, and antisocial behavior.

In addition, the authors state that brutalizing children can lower their self-esteem and teaching them poor self-control can lead them into unsatisfying relationships with others.

Elizabeth Thompson Gershoff, of the National Center for Children in Poverty at Columbia University, observed both positive and negative behaviors of children who were associated with corporal punishment. In addition, I feel that corporal punishment within the school system is unacceptable.

In the act he shot two teachers in the head and a student attempting to shoot a football coach who imposed corporal punishment. Jamie Rouse had warned several classmates as well as teachers of his act, yet no one believed him.

I feel that extreme corporal punishment caused Jamie Rouse to commit this act of violence. Furthermore, I feel that this act of violence could have been prevented if caretakers would have listened to him.

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Corporal punishment can not only cause antisocial, and criminal behavior, it can escalate to child abuse as well. Couturesays caretakers often enforce corporal punishment by spanking, smacking or taking bathroom privileges which can be inhumane and degrading to children.

In addition, caretakers often feel that corporal punishment is their last option of discipline which causes them to use extreme measures of corporal punishment that can lead to child abuse.

To defend their actions, caretakers argue that they never intended to cause any harm by putting corporal punishment into effect. Couturesays parents are not familiar with the fact that a spank to the buttocks of children can cause children to become sexually aroused as the sciatic nerve runs from the buttocks to the genitals.

This sort of corporal punishment can be considered child abuse if the spanking reaches extreme measures.In the contemporary child psychology centers and family sociology, corporal punishment known to many as spanking is a divisive debate.

In recent decades, theologians and scholars have debated on whether spanking and or corporal punishment is an appropriate mode of child discipline. Corporal punishment on child essay.

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However, regardless of a parent’s intention, any form of physical punishment can easily cross the line to child abuse, which could have dire consequences on the child, the parent, society, and can even contribute to the very behavior the parent is trying to avoid (Dean).

Argumentative essay child punishment

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The paper concludes that when corporal punishment is discussed, many variables need to be considered, such as the age of the child, the type of infraction, how the punishment is delivered and other discipline options available to the parent. Historically, most forms of child punishment would today be considered severe child abuse.

Parents were instructed to chastise and control errant children through such methods as swaddling, whipping, burning, drowning, castration, and abandonment.

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