Analysing homelessness along with its causes and effects

Have you ever noticed the amounts of people who have neither home, nor a job to sustain themselves? Perhaps you think it is their own fault; you might think if they wanted, they would have it all.

Analysing homelessness along with its causes and effects

The homeless population within the United States has been steadily rising since the late s when the housing and social service cuts increased and the economy went on a downward spiral. All types of people have been impacted by many types of factors that led them to their homeless position.

Analysing homelessness along with its causes and effects

Though the number of homeless people in America still climbs, child homelessness seems to be the most prevalent among the rapidly growing group. Policies have been constructed and enacted, their effectiveness is not yet apparent. Many organizations have ideas for solving the problem, but are faced with road blocks due to the long-term process of enacting possible solutions.

In a vicious cycle, once one becomes homeless, he or she is likely to remain that way for a long period of time. Some public policies work with the homeless, while others make it harder to get out of the cycle.

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Besides that, other factors include mental illnesses, substance abuse, and low-paying jobs. Some minor causes include prisoner release, unemployment, domestic violence, and poverty. Family units are the largest and fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Though homelessness is impossible to measure to complete accuracy due to the lack of communication between all homeless and the surveyors along with the problem of finding the homeless, the estimates still prove to be rather shocking.

Department of Housing and Urban Development report an estimatedpeople experienced homelessness in one night in JanuaryPBS, The website also reports that nearly 1 in 5 children within the U.

In its survey of 30 cities, the U. This means that homelessness affects people of all sorts, without regard to race or other factors. Mental illness is a huge factor in the homeless community.

This is a rather hypocritical comment mainly due to the fact that the reason those people are on the street is because of their illness, if they don t receive the help they need, they will remain homeless.

There are those communities who chose to take care of the problem rather than watch it get worse. Washington County in Portland, Oregon had a huge population growth within the past 20 years. Some of these people though, were traveling homeless people. No services were offered to these homeless people, so the community felt that something had to be done.

It went on to serve 10 formerly homeless people at their own level of need.

Analysing homelessness along with its causes and effects

As the success of the facility became more visible, a new center was opened within a year that now serves 25 formerly homeless people. As a result of this, they have seen many improvements and accomplishments: This county is proof that not all solutions to homelessness have to come from public policy, but can stem from small groups wanting to make a big difference.

Apart from the mentally ill, children are another large group within the homeless population. The National Center on Family Homelessness recently launched the Campaign to End Child Homelessness which proposes initiatives that would help children get into more stable situations and in the end brighten their outlook on life in the future.

Some believe that its up to the U. Some of the more prevalent recommendations at the federal level include creating new low-income housing units, providing more housing vouchers, temporarily increasing food stamp benefits, raising of the minimum wage, and making it easier for homeless children to attend public schools.

An issue that seems to be easily looked over is the idea that if a family is homeless, it makes it hard for the parents to find child care so that they may work. If more states did things that way, the homeless population would decline in a major way.

This rings true to homeless children and young adults as well. This is why it is critical to get these children and young adults off the streets as soon as possible in order to lessen the final impact of homelessness.

The difference between the youth and adult homeless population is that a majority of homeless youth chose to leave their home.

Apart from that most are homeless because they are abandoned by their parents or are forced to leave their home. Others grow out of the foster care system or are released from the juvenile justice system. Though some progress has been made to get the homeless youth off the streets, the major benefactors have been housing-based independent living programs that give the youth a place to stay as well as teach them things necessary to get out of the system.

Just like any other young adult, the homeless need specific things in order to transition to their adulthood properly. Budgeting, meal preparation, hygiene, conflict resolution, and time management are just some life lessons that the homeless youth does not necessarily receive.

An education is just as important as the previous points, if one does not get a degree, he or she is most likely to remain in the homeless system with low chances of getting well paying jobs.understanding how homelessness One of the biggesteffects of homelessness is the breakdown of community life itself.

When a large number of people survives day-to-day and lives with the isolation, cause and a result of homelessness. It can lead to homelessness and act as a barrier to. Analysing Homelessness Along With Its Causes And Effects new topic causes and effects of homelessness in america.

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Essays. The causes of homelessness vary and include substance abuse, violence in the home, and loss of income. Homelessness is a problem for individuals and communities alike.

Homelessness is a problem. homelessness: causes, culture and community development | 8 When combined with alcoholism or violence within the home the damaging effects of this insecurity can be overwhelming. Within the U.S. the main cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing.

Besides that, other factors include mental illnesses, substance abuse, and low-paying jobs. Some minor causes include prisoner release, unemployment, domestic violence, and poverty. Another group of factors leading to homelessness includes unhappy marriages and their outcomes.

Divorce and abusive relationships are among the major factors of homelessness (Homeless Resource Network). In particular, divorce can often leave one of the spouses homeless.

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