Amnesia research paper

Aug 03, national memory amnesia from the risk of technology.

Amnesia research paper

Received Oct 10; Accepted Nov 5. This article is an open-access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license http: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract For a long time, alcohol was thought to exert a general depressant effect on the central nervous system CNS.

However, currently the consensus is that specific regions of the brain are selectively vulnerable to the acute effects of alcohol. An alcohol-induced blackout is the classic example; the subject is temporarily unable to form new long-term memories while relatively maintaining other skills such as talking or even driving.

Paper on Amnesia Essay Sample

A recent study showed that alcohol can cause retrograde memory impairment, that is, blackouts due to retrieval impairments as well as those due to deficits in encoding. Alcoholic blackouts may be complete en bloc or partial fragmentary depending on severity of memory impairment. In fragmentary blackouts, cueing often aids recall.

Memory impairment during acute intoxication involves dysfunction of episodic Amnesia research paper, a type of memory encoded with spatial and social context. Recent studies have shown that there are multiple memory systems supported by discrete brain regions, and the acute effects of alcohol on learning and memory may result Amnesia research paper alteration of the hippocampus and related structures on a cellular level.

Alcohol-Induced Blackout

A rapid increase in blood alcohol concentration BAC is most consistently associated with the likelihood of a blackout. However, not all subjects experience blackouts, implying that genetic factors play a role in determining CNS vulnerability to the effects of alcohol.

Extensive research on memory and learning as well as findings related to the acute effects of alcohol on the brain may elucidate the mechanisms and impact associated with the alcohol-induced blackout. Dysfunctions of multiple organ systems brought on by chronic alcohol use, including the brain, have long been the focus of medical concern, and are well documented in the public health literature.

Nevertheless, alcohol continues to be a part of human culture. Acute effects of alcohol intoxication are a common, often voluntary experience and not necessarily considered a problem in itself.

The alcoholic blackout, however, is one phenomenon of acute alcohol intoxication that merits special attention. Initial research in the s reported that such blackouts are a hallmark of progressive alcoholism [ 23 ]. However, further research has proved otherwise, and blackouts are no longer considered as a signal of irreversible alcoholism [ 4 ].

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Perhaps because the majority of people experiencing an alcoholic blackout are not clinically alcohol dependent, alcoholic blackouts may have been relatively neglected in terms of treatment intervention.

Rather, legal matters have been the focus of cases where violations of the law are committed under intoxicated, amnesic states. The mechanisms of an alcohol-induced blackout may be crucial in understanding its clinical implications. For a long time the effect of alcohol was thought to be a generalized depression of neural activity causing global impairment of cognitive, psychological, and behavioral domains [ 5 β€” 7 ].

An alcoholic blackout was perceived as the extreme manifestation of this effect. However, the blackout, characterized by amnesia during episodes of intoxication where the subject is conscious and able to carry on conversations or even drive a vehicle [ 89 ], is a manifestation of the selective effects of alcohol on specific brain systems.

Previously, ethanol, a short chain lipid soluble compound, was thought to affect cells by a nonspecific lipid membrane disordering effect [ 5610 ]. However, it is increasingly evident that alcohol interacts with specific neurotransmitter receptors, and current consensus is that specific regions of the brain are selectively vulnerable to acute effects of alcohol [ 510 β€” 15 ].

Amnesia research paper

We need to make the memory staging terms clear as follows: Progress has been made in elucidating the mechanism of various memory systems and how they are affected by alcohol. There is increasing evidence that repeated alcoholic blackouts actually serve as a mechanism that facilitates alcoholism [ 216 ].

In this paper we aim to describe and discuss the alcoholic blackout to improve the understanding of this phenomenon and recognize its many faceted implications in medical practice and public health. Methods The PubMed database was searched to for epidemiological, pathophysiological, and social studies related to the alcoholic blackout, using the terms blackout, alcohol and memory, episodic memory, hippocampus and alcohol, and alcohol and the nervous system.

The bibliographies of selected articles were used to extend the search. Articles were screened for their relevance to the specific topic of alcoholic blackout and related memory deficits on the basis of the title and abstract.

Clinical and Physiological Characteristics 3. Definition An alcoholic blackout is amnesia for the events of any part of a drinking episode without loss of consciousness. It is characterized by memory impairment during intoxication in the relative absence of other skill deficits.

Early documentation from Alcoholics Anonymous describes a variety of blackout behavior, especially in the en-bloc type, which includes driving for long distances or carrying on apparently normal conversations at parties.

Subjects often report waking in strange places without any memory of how they got there. Criminal acts including murder, have been reported [ 17 ]. Types of Alcoholic Blackouts An alcoholic blackout may be complete en-bloc or partial fragmentary, or grayout [ 29 ].

An en bloc blackout is complete amnesia for significant events otherwise memorable under usual circumstances. The defining characteristic of a complete blackout is that memory loss is permanent and cannot be recalled under any circumstances.Bhavesh mishra essay writing home sickness essay argumentative essay on gender roles, paul graham essays growth chart infantile amnesia research paper girelles royalessays steffen deutschbein dissertation proposal sociedad agricola superioressaywriters inaugural dissertation help bfm comparison essay.

Ellen terry virginia woolf essays. The different types of amnesia are anterograde, retrograde, transient global amnesia, emotional/hysterical amnesia, lacunar amnesia, korsakoff syndrome, and posthypnotic amnesia. Antergrade is the inability to retain new information and normally follows brain trauma.

RESEARCH PAPER Persistent anterograde amnesia following limbic encephalitis associated with antibodies to the voltage-gated potassium channel complex.

Virtually all patients with dissociative identity (or multiple personality) disorder manifest interpersonality amnesia, whereby events experienced by a particular personality state or identity are retrievable by that same identity but not by a different one Though considered a hallmark of.

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- Research Paper We all have encountered dissociation in some form or the other in our daily lives. β€œThe essential feature of dissociation is a disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity and perception.” (American Psychiatric Association, ).

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