American girl doll molly meet outfit

Posted on September 29, by jackylina Here is what many of you have finally been waiting for; my catalog pictures. Unlike what I said in a previous post, I only have one the Samantha cover catalog fromthe other is from Molly cover.

American girl doll molly meet outfit

How many dolls do you own? I own a lot of dolls mostly AG! Do you collect any other dolls besides AG? How long have you had a blog?

American girl doll molly meet outfit

Oh wow, I guess I'm nearing my 2nd year of blogging! I know it's not too long, but still, wow! Who was your first American Girl doll? She looks the most like me so I got her instead of a JLY doll. Do you design your own doll clothes? I am currently sewing a Little House on the Prairie style dress, but it is nowhere near done.

What are your doll's hobbies? My dolls do about every sort of sport or club you could ever imagine, so they don't have too much freetime. If you had to choose, who is your favorite doll? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Molly American Girl Doll Clothes & Accessories

She'd get to explore around the country and have a few interesting adventures. Oh yes, and maybe to make things even more interesting, she could be Caroline's great-great-grandchild or something and maybe still sail on a boat her father or her made?

Do your dolls have middle names or nicknames? If they don't, I'll make something that fits into their era.

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Also, I named my Lanie doll Delaney and she's called Lanie as a nickname, because I thought that Lanie sounded more like a nickname for Delaney. What's your favorite thing to do with your dolls?

My favorite thing to do with my dolls would probably be making photo stories. How long have you had American Girl dolls? I guess this'll be my 6th year of having them!

American Girl Doll "Molly" with Accessories : EBTH

How do you play with your dolls? I love doing photo stories for my blog, or a stop motion video for fun. In fact, my favorites change everyday. Do you have a proper bed for your dolls? I have 2 sets of bunk beds that my neighbors gave me because they didn't have room for them.

They are really sturdy beds and are handmade too. Do you like making up hairstyles for your dolls? I love making up hairstyles for my dolls! What non-American Girl Dolls do you like? Do you like acting? I love being in the spotlight for anything!

In fact, I've auditioned for a few things too! I am terrible at singing though and stuff, so I don't like acting that involves singing and sometimes I get annoyed by musicals. XD Thank you girls for the questions and nomination!Pleasant Company Retired American Girl Molly Doll with Original Box NancysAtticShop $ Early Molly McIntire Vintage American Girl Pleasant Company Doll Meet Outfit LVPinkPanther.

5 out of 5 stars Back to school outfit-fit 18 inch American Girl Doll Molly starheartcreations. 5 out of 5 stars. Ag American Girl Doll Molly Red Velvet Movie Theatre Seats With Access Nib Retir Ag American Girl.

American Girl 18 Mia Doll And Meet Outfit + Ice Skates Red Hair Hazel Eyes Ag Box American Girl . My daughter is a huge American Girl Doll collector and has decided to sell many items to save for college.

We recently moved here from Michigan, so her items were not affected by flooding. American Girl Doll Molly Set Meet Outfit Pajamas Slippers Book Accessories. Anastasia Dimitri - $ Anastasia Dimitri Doll Always And Forever Gift Set Paris Shopping Spree Outfit Vg.

Vintage - $ Vintage Barbie Doll Outfit - Picnic Set. My Life - $ This sale is for American Girl DollBeforeverMolly McIntire's New Meet Outfit This is Molly's New Beforever Meet Outfit. They include her Sweater and Skirt, saddle shoes, sock and underwear.

The Molly doll with Meet Molly. Molly's meet outfit is a s style. Like Kit's outfit, it reflects the need for versatility in one's wardrobe during a time when money was tight and outfits had to have more use.

American Girl Friends: Meet the Dolls